MagicHat Social Media Solutions

Does your business have the magic to be center stage?

Why do I even need to worry about social media?

Everybody has some type of social media in this digital age. On their phones, PCs, or tablets, there are apps for every type of social media network out there. Having one or more social media profiles for your business legitimizes your brand. People, especially potential customers, can look you up, check our your products or services, and see what you're about. 

I have a Facebook page. Why do I need to update it? 

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you need to be updating any and all your social media profiles consistently to keep your brand relevant and on newsfeeds everywhere. When you're not posting enough, not enough eyes see you, and you're lost in the shuffle. Out of sight, out of mind. 

So why should I hire you to take care of my social media updates?

Having an employee do it is great, but will they really dedicate the amount of time needed to update your social media, research content, and write posts that will promote your business or will they just spend time checking their own personal social media accounts? Have it done right  the first time with our services. 

What is this going to cost me?

Because each social media client has different needs, we cater our services to what works best for your business. Upon meeting with you and determining what you want, we will create a proposal that reflects your needs and wants accordingly.

But what if I need a website, too?

From basic to more interactive websites, we can handle that as well. Basic website building starts at $1,500. And yes, you own everything from your domain name to login information to photos. 

Please contact us for more information by calling 704.746.4541. 


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